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8Kazan had become the center of Tatar culture in the 1990’s with the dissolution of USSR. At this time Kazan became one of the important centers of Russia with return of capitalism in Russian Federation. The city rapidly jumped to the 6th spot among the most populated cities in Russia from 10th spot. During the time of millennium celebrations in year 2005, several developments were celebrated in the city like “Qol-Sharif” the largest mosque in Russia which was inaugurated in the “Kazan Kremlin“, the return of the holiest copy of “Our Lady of Kazan“, the inauguration of the “Millennium Bridge” and many more small developments. With the growing popularity of city since the new millennium, the city also hosted the “2013 Summer Universiade” and will soon the hosting the “2018 FIFA World Cup”.The main campus of Kazan State Medical University is located in the central part of Kazan on “Butlerova Street” and has several other department buildings spread throughout the city of Kazan. The main campus has museums, libraries and departments of foreign languages, philosophy, history, Sociology & political science, genetics & medical biology, organization of healthcare & public health, social work & economical theory, general & organics chemistry, microbiology and pathological physiology. The departments of anatomy, histology & physiology are located on the “Universitetskaya Street”. KSMU is surrounded by many other renowned educational institutions viz. Lobachevsky library, Kazan State Technical University, Kazan Federal University & Tatar State University of Humanities & Education.

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