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The International Medical Institute is the leader of medical education in the Kyrgyz Republic and most dynamically developing HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION of Central Asia. IMI has been concoted by mutual understanding between MUNIB(INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND BUSINESS) and higher medical institutes in Kyrgyzstan. MUNIB shabdan baytyr 1/1. . Email adress munib: islamcampus15@gmail.com. In IMI 526 teachers work, from them 86 are professors and doctors of medical sciences, 315 candidates of medical sciences and associate professors. with us more than 4000 students – including citizens of Kyrgyzstan, CIS countries and 17 foreign countries study.The IMI – International Medical Institute is is one the most prominent Medical Institute in Kyrgyzstan, and truly defines the meaning of value education in the field of Medical Studies.IMI – International Medical Institute has been formed under KSMA (Kyrgyz State Medical Academy) and MUNIB (International University of Science and Business)
IMI – International Medical Institute proudly employs 526 teachers including proffessors and doctors of medical research and students from 17 foreign countries.</p>

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